Stucco is a widely recognized surface finish that protects the concrete or wood beneath and can provide attractive texture options like simulated brick, lath plaster and more. GCL specializes in stucco application and repairs, using only the best materials and craftsmanship. You can count on the experts at GCL to provide the appropriate maintenance or repairs for all of your concrete and stucco needs.

Concrete is the most commonly-used structural material in building construction due to its strength and durability.

Constant exposure to wind, water, and salt causes concrete to deteriorate therefore compromising its integrity. Normal small maintenance issues can turn into major repair problems if ignored or neglected. With all concrete repair projects, we specialize in identifying the source of the problem and developing a scope of work. Selection of materials and method of repair are essential to the success of achieving the desired end-product. Measures are taken to ensure that the source of the problems are addressed, thus preventing further complications.

Concrete Structures
Concrete Structures

Concrete Structures
Concrete Structures



Common Concrete Restoration issues that GCL routinely solves are the following:

  • Cracked and settling foundations and slabs

  • Condominium and apartment building balcony and catwalk repairs

  • Repairs to structural columns and exterior walls

  • Spalled concrete and exposed rebar repairs

  • Parking garage and plaza deck repairs; including support beams and columns

  • Water Penetration Reduction

  • Cathodic Protection

Methods of repair include the following:

  • High-pressure washing, sand blasting, and other surface preparation

  • Replacement and repair of compromised rebar; including cleaning, protective film on the rebar surface, and application of corrosion inhibitors

  • Expansion joint repair and renewal, including foam fillers and pliable sealants

  • Application of penetrating sealers, and other cementitious coatings

  • Epoxy and urethane chemical resistant coatings

  • High pressure crack injection of Epoxy and urethane